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Cars and Fight Songs

What's the best colour for a car? Would you rather use a push lawnmower with a bar that is far too high, or far too low? What is your fight song? Is the word "sweetie" ever not condescending?

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Munchies and Ancestors

What's the best food for the munchies? What's a problem our ancestors faced 4000 years ago that we still face today?

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Tacos and Transporters

Would you rather have unlimited sushi for the rest of your life, or unlimited tacos? Would you use a Star Trek style transporter?

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Aladdin and Dirty Jobs

Did Aladdin's Genie steal a wish? Would you rather have a horrible job but be able to retire comfortable in 10 years, or have your dream job but retire when you're 60?

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Sieges and Churches

Warning, spoilers! How would you have handled the siege on Winterfell? From our friends at Now Serving: Which celebrity would you switch places with and why? Should we care about old churches burning down?

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Trained Monkeys and Video Game Lives

Would you ditch your legs in exchange for a trained monkey? You have to live in a video game for a week... if you die, you die in real life... but if you live you get to return home with the spoils of your adventure. Which game do you choose?

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The Seven Dwarves and Wasps

Which of the seven dwarves is most like you? You have to fight either a grizzly bear or a huge swarm of wasps, which do you choose?

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