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Turtle Time and Baby Teeth

Best Sailor Scout? Can you name the teenage mutant ninja turtles? Have you seen a baby skull? Do you say STD or STI? Are you too old to crowd surf?

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Toucan Sam and Toe Jam

What's the deal with Toucan Sam? Do Medusa's snakes poop? Can you name twins the same name? Your baby is switched at birth, do you switch back?

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Parenting and Corn

What's the hardest thing about being a parent? You can only keep one: corn or porn?

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Megan and the Blowfish(es)

How many blowfish hang out with Hootie? Do you know any of your eskimo bros? Is it cool to date your friends exes? How do you pronounce Megan? Do bees like honey? Will Trump win?

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Hustlers and Randomized Babies

A "Would You Rather" round. Geoff has a "question" about Hustlers. Are people hotter with a mask? If you could randomize your baby's features, would you?

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Shaving and Dreaming

When you shave, where do you start? Is it okay to enjoy your own creative output? What word does Geoff always say? Have you heard about the feral hogs? Have you ever tried to use a phone in a dream?

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