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More Acronyms and Reddit Lore

Another edition of "What porn acronyms do you know?" ... also what Reddit lore do you remember?

On today's episode we tackle a couple more porn acronyms, then we get into some Reddit lore… and boy is there a lot of it. In the order we discussed:

The Cumbox

Colby - Turns out we were wrong about this one, the dog only escaped after the couple divorced and there's no updates after that. Still really messed up.

Boston Bomber Incident - This one is even crazier than we remembered. Reddit misidentified the perp as a guy who had committed suicide and doxxed his family causing them even more trauma. Great job, Reddit sleuths.

The Jolly Rancher Story

Thanos Did Nothing Wrong

Finally, here's the story of the guy er… performing in front of his assistant….

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