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The only podcast asking the real questions about life, love, and penis inferiority. Philosophy? Metaphysics? Bodily excretions? We’ve got it all.

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Dumb Lovers and Golf

You are being offered $10 million, but in exchange your lover will permanently become 25% less intelligent than before. Do you accept? Should golf courses be replaced with public parks?

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Narration and Catch Phrases

Who would you want to narrate your life? You have 10 minutes to prepare a 2 hour lecture on any topic to an attentive audience. What topic do you know extensively enough to pick? If you likeness were packaged and sold as a doll, what would you say when your string was pulled?

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Cereal and Porn

Is cereal soup? Would you be in a porn movie? If you were a brick in a wall, which brick would you be?

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Spells and Japan

If you could learn one spell, what would it be? You get 1 million to live in Japan for 5 years, do you do it? Do you rehearse phone calls? Plus "What did you Google last week?" is back!

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Bounties and Beards

48 hours from now a bounty will placed on your head for 20 million dollars. How do you disappear? What would you do to grow a beard?

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News and Toilets

Where do you get your news? You have to become a toilet for 5 years, which toilet do you become? What's the best day of the calendar year? You travel forward in time 1000 years, what's the first question you ask of a passerby?

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Lies and Balderdash

Could you be paid off to become physically incapable of lying ever again? Plus a new special segment...

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Nuclear Fallout and Sharts

How would you prepare for and what would you do after a nuclear blast? You get paid $1,000 per day, but have a 50% chance each day of randomly sharting. Would you do it?

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