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The only podcast asking the real questions about life, love, and penis inferiority. Philosophy? Metaphysics? Bodily excretions? We’ve got it all.

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Koalas and The Wizard of Oz

What's the opposite of a Koala? What would the Mild Mild West be like? What movie universe would be the worst to wake up in?

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Artists, MLM's, and Time Travel

Can you separate the art from the artist? Your partner is in an MLM, what do you do? Which era do you think you'd die the fastest in?

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Would you rather live in a great apartment with a crappy view, or a crappy apartment with a great view? If you lived in a dangerous neighbourhood, would you buy a gun? Would you put on 40 pounds and keep it on for 3 years for $100,000?

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Superpowers and Pokemon

Would you use an insta-death superpower? How about flying vs invisibility? Which Pokemon would you choose to be?

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Swapped Faces and Human Zoos

Introducing "What did you Google last week?" ... also, would you swap faces with someone? What would you "give it all up" for? Would you be in a human zoo?

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Gender Equality and Death

Do you support gender equality? Would you be okay with getting your fulfillment from a pill? Plus a few questions about death.

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Robots, Whales, and Clones

If you had a housekeeping robot, would you still clean? What would you sacrifice to save the whales? Would you clone your kid?

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