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Bertnanas and Squash Heads

Would you rather hurt someone's feelings or have your own feelings hurt? Whats the new "oldest profession"? If you had a squash for a head, which squash would you choose? You have to be business partners with an animal - which animal do you choose?

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Dowsing and Fighting Kids

Would you have an RFID chip installed in your finger? How many 4-year-olds could you fight off? Would you remove a finger for a disease free life? What's the best TV show about a radio station?

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Apples and Money

How do you eat an apple? You have to stay in one position for 24 hours, which position do you choose? A Brinks truck spills on the highway, do you take any money?

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Watersports and Bug Reports

Would you rather drink a pint of pee every six months or have all your water have a little pee in it? What are the bug reports for humanity?

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Screen Time and Musth

Should you have "Screen Time" turned on? What would the world be like if humans had "musth"?

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